hash party

listen up when the oligarch speak
chiclet seller better have a good day
and never think about smoke no jay
make you an idiot looking for trouble 
down on the shores of saint georges bay
riding a rocket in the fuddling air 
old beyrouth in the martyrs square 
i know you can find hash dealers there 
say hash baby you can smoke it

listen up when the hegemon shrieks
hope your business is minding itself you
pay your taxes and keep the peace
better keep up with the project in hand so 
lofty valley in the mountains fair
hash is growing most everywhere
diggin the stones of the ancient rome
i buy me a kilo and take it on home
go hash baby you can eat it

in the brothel where the girls are sweet
we smoke that hash when we go to sleep
i make a shape what a wonderful thing
when i find it for paper and find it for paper
i see the deputy in his chamber
that the minister cant remember 
mister customs man gets paid oh
by the neighborhood smuggler babe
its hash cost a little money yeah

listen up when the commissar say
you gotta pray if you wanna get paid
big hash party in istanbul we 
gonna break shit down so cool and
on the streets of the old uk
cardboard filter is the only play
we walkin out on the abbey road
big heads can carry that heavy load 
aw hash you know it loves me baby

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