drums and guitars

i hear the sound of drums and guitars
in kenmore square
in the blue max at bognor regis
at some foolish frat house
in durham new hampshire
or a shack in newcastle maine
where i backed my old pinto
over a cliff while high as shit
lucky it was just the rear wheels so
some dudes hauled me out with their truck
and she ran just fine leaving 
one more drunk on the road that night

drums drums
drums and guitars
g g allin was ill at the rat
boys life backing up the neighborhoods
i danced with a japanese girl her
eyes glittered with raging tears her
skin smelled of beef tallow
and that was all i needed
she said i shouldnt think her husband
a sap for being out of town while
she was going home with me
but he was and she made me pay

i hear the sound of drums and guitars
in the student hall at brighton polytechnic
my buddy and me had picked mushrooms 
all day in the deer park and they
felt like really bad speed with no hallucinations and
the band played super loud forget their name
cause they were never famous
couldnt get a girl to look twice so
we went to the pub and drank jubilee ale
strong as royal malice my pal
had a new austin mini and he died in it
later that year

you wanna talk about drums and guitars
what about the night at the locomotive
in old beirut when wichita vortex took the stage
with borrowed gear and a borrowed drummer
hamlet and beast and little hollywood doing the rest
killing the crowd making their disco ass ears bleed
fuckin tintin never showed with his camera
so they got no pictures to show the world they existed
that they played and trashed the place like kings
not bad for some happy horseshit high school freaks
who all went home with horny local matrons
only the borrowed drummer bothered
to pick up his money and i heard
it didnt work out for him either

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