the cardinal points

made a movie bout a biscuit so it had a 
david bowie who the fuck was andy warhol
only took about a minute
never think about the left
in the right or for the south 
you can move along the north
if your mama raised you good

when your mind is thick and straight
set your dancing feet alight
no one had to teach you how
to box around the compass rose
spirit guide is best you say
not sure what you mean by that
empty out your sack of bones
kiss the paintings on the walls

move your hand a little north
no i mean your west hand silly
even in the deepest cave 
we can find our cardinal points
join the dream our all in all
sleeping in the dragon belly
ribs a temple bowels are coals
soon the world will be sliced open
when our heroes come to die
we will see the truth unshaken

nothing is too real for us
in proper orientation

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