the pasaquoyan

santo eom
will you let me die
so we can meet at last
let god grab me by my hair
by my long beaded beard
and pull me out my dope ass house
up to heaven
flying over the sex trees
and the chain gangs
and the pine barrens of marion county

dear saint eddie give
sweet dreams in the city
to all the five dollar hustlers
need money for rocks and
for paintboxes
say goodbye goodbye
to the loiterers at 
the fabric outlets
in bibb city 
to the homeless drunks
down by the chattahoochee
bet you wish cornerstone
was still open boys
best phenobarb detox in the state
after a weekend at the bootlegger house
all your ssi money gone again
grits and sausage in the morning
tax dollars well spent in
columbus georgia

o holy one who
could see the power
in walls and compounds
towers and temples
shades and patterns
know that the first time
i went to your house
it still smelled of all the shit
from your giant dogs
my dad said isn’t this great
he was a big fan

eddie owens eddie owens
you could make a buck now 
as an animal communicator
instead of hustling the tarot cards
bullshitting the squares and straights
at the old martin farm pasaquan
you could of had robotic surgery
for your cancer
instead of a gun to the head

blessed is the man whose ass
gets too old to sell
for he will become a saint
and everyone loves a saint
especially saint eddie who
looks not on our sinful bodies
but on the faith of our love
eom eom

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