queen of the aliens

high riding queen she sits upon a silver throne sublime
drops of saliva rolling down her chin
i know the alien queen has got that special chromosome 
sometimes i wonder how she got that way

kings and queens and time machines get me through my day              
psychobiologically they are here to stay                               
teeth so sharp as driving screws in your neck of pain.                                 
a human man is full of fear
she will help you see it dear                   

rule a world so brave and new
all her children own it too
royalty for snacks like you
all hail queen of the aliens

guests from other galaxies they can represent             
proxy reproduction is so surely heaven sent           
all the money in the world is to her repaid                  
slyly seeking ever keeping our coquette the queen   

sunlike plastic energy
radiating chemically
i see the way she looks at me
long live queen of the aliens

those who had the power to kill when the world was bright
know that they possess it still in the fading light
bonded for a term of days endlessly renewed
if a man could see it clear
it would make him want to pray

fleas and ticks and chewing lice are no parasites
pseudomaculate theory states they stand as acolytes
and take their meals of blood in honor of their deadly queen
puissant fecund high and mighty ruler of the aliens

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